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Ibn Taymiyyah Expounds On Islam : Selected Writings Of Ibn Taymiyyah On Islamic Faith, Life And Society

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah
Compiler : Muhammad 'Abdul-Haqq Ansari

Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University - Riyadh
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Ibn Taymiyyah Expounds On Islam consists of selections from various writings of Ibn Taymiyyah included in the 

  • Majmu Fatawa Shaykh al-Islam (37 volumes) published in Riyadh
  • Jami ar-Rasa’il (2 volumes), published by Dr. Rashad Salim in Cairo

as well as some of his major works, such as 

  • Minhaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah
  • Dar’ Ta‘arud al- 'Aql wa An-Naql (Reconciling Reason and Revelation)
  • Kitab ar-Radd ‘ala al-Mantaqiyyin (Refutation of the Greek Logicians)
  • Al-Istiqamah (The Steadfastness)
  • Iqtida as-Sirat al-Mustaqim (The Straight Path)

These selections present in a single volume a clear and complete view of Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah’s concepts of Islamic faith, life and society.

They are primarily intended to highlight his positive position and mention his criticisms and refutations of other positions only to the extent needed. In going through these selections, the reader will also form an idea of the work of tajdid that Ibn Taymiyyah undertook.

In the Introduction to this volume, the compiler Muhammad 'Abdul-Haqq Ansari
has discussed at length the notion of tajdid in Islam and underscored the contribution of Ibn Taymiyyah in this regard. This will help the reader understand the tremendous impact that his writings have exercised on all the efforts that are being made to revive and reinvigorate Islam in our times.

The idea to compile a selection of Imam Ibn Taymlyyah’s vast corpus of writings, presenting in his own words his basic religious thought, was presented to the compiler Muhammad 'Abdul-Haqq Ansari by the then Director of the Research Center of Imam Ibn Sa‘ud Islamic University (Riyadh), Dr. Muhammad Ar-Rubay. He very much welcomed the idea and got the approval of the President of the University, His Excellency, Dr. ‘Abdullah ‘Abdul-Muhsin At-Turki. 

The compiler seeks to bring Ibn Taymiyyah closer to the English-speaking world, as well as in promoting a better understanding of the pure, pristine Islam which he tried to expound in his writings.

Title: Ibn Taymiyyah Expounds on Islam : Selected Writings of Shaykh Al-Islam Taqi ad-Din Ibn Taymiyyah on Islamic Faith, Life and Society
Author: Imam Ibn Taymiyyah
Compiler: Muhammad 'Abdul-Haqq Ansari
Translator: Muhammad 'Abdul-Haqq Ansari
Al Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University
Pages: 654
Volumes: 1
Size:  20.6 cm x 29.2 cm
Binding: Hardback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication
: 2000
Weight:  1.94 kg


The author, Taqi al-Din Abu'l -'Abbas Ahmad ibn 'Abdus Salam ibn Taymiyyah al-Harrani (d. 728 AH) was a leading Hanbali scholar and a Mujtahid in his own right. His breadth of learning and depth of understanding was accepted by all of his peers and many of his biographers stated that he clearly surpasses the vast majority, if not all of the scholars of his time. He was a prolific writer and skilled orator. He was deeply religious and unwavering in his adherence to Islam and the Sunnah and repudiating all that opposed it.



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