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Let's Learn About The Hajj & 'Eid-ul-Adha! : Colouring & Activity Book - 'Life With The Ahmad Family' Series

Absar Kazmi

Halal Edutainment House (HEH) - Pakistan
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Jamal & Mariam’s parents are off for Hajj! Meanwhile the kids are spending ‘Eid ul Adha with their grandparents.

Why do people go on Hajj and why do we celebrate 'Eid ul Adha? This wonderful activity book takes kids back in time and tells the story of Ibrahim (عليه السلام), the Friend of Allah. Then takes them step by step through the great journey of Hajj and also explains the rituals of 'Eid ul Adha! All with fun colouring pages, challenging activities and cool stickers too!

Let’s join the Ahmad Family and see what both parents and kids do each day during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah, the greatest days of the year!


About 'Life with the Ahmad Family'

The Ahmad Family is a practicing Muslim family living in a multicultural environment. Read along and enjoy as they overcome their life challenges in a 100% HaLOL way!


Life With The Ahmad Family


Title: Let's Learn About The Hajj and & 'Eid-ul-Adha! : Colouring & Activity Book - 'Life With The Ahmad Family' Series
Absar Kazmi
Publisher: Halal Edutainment House (HEH)
Language: English
Recommended Age Group:
5 - 8 years
Size:  20.9 cm x 29.7 cm
Binding: Paperback

Absar Kazmi was born in Karachi, Pakistan but much of his youth was spent traveling from place to place. He has lived in Kenya, the West Indies and the U.S.

Although he was never formally trained in art, he has always loved illustrating since childhood. In 2010, he decided to quit his boring job in the IT industry and start working as a real illustrator! In 2011, Absar worked with Hiba Magazine to start up Life with the Ahmad Family comic series.

Absar and his wife Sabheen homeschool their children and want to encourage all kids everywhere to use their unique gifts to make a positive contribution in their society and please Allah (SWT)!

Absar has also developed, a terrific website with lots of fun and educational resources to teach your kids about Islam!


Halal Edutainment House (HEH) is a business initiative with the vision of giving da'wah a modernistic and more approachable outlook with people - especially kids- can easily relate to.

Life with the Ahmad Family is the first of such franchises with Facebook content, comic, activity books and lots of other HaLOL initiatives on the way In-sha'Allah.

Stay tuned.

Jazakum Allah Khayr !



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