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Macro Structure of the Soorahs Of The Holy Quran

Khaleel-Ur-Rahman Chishti

Dar-ul-Kutb As-Salfiyyah - Pakistan
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This book, authored in a modern and easy mode of expression, is an invaluable resource that comprehensively summarises the message of the Qur'an.

The author Khaleel-ur-Rahman Chishti begins explanation of each Surah by using flowcharts illustrating the central theme and macro-structure of the particular Surah. This aids to engrave a comprehensive understanding of the Surah in the mind of the reader. Moreover, the macro-structure is further elaborated by dividing the Surah into paragraphs according to respective sub-theme. The author explains how the central theme of the Surah unites all the paragraphs (sub-themes) together.

The author beautifully conveys the miracle in the structural arrangement of the Qur'an by explaining the coherence of each Surah with its preceding and succeeding Surah.

The author highlights and explains certain keywords in each Surah, which have an essential relation with the central theme of the Surah.

Furthermore, the author discusses the period of revelation of each Surah and virtues of Surahs recorded in sound Ahadeeth.

Title: Macro Structure of the Soorahs Of The Holy Quran
Khaleel-Ur-Rahman Chishti
Publisher: Dar-ul-Kutb As-Salafiyyah - Pakistan
Pages: 880
Size:  18.2 cm x 23.8 cm
Binding: Paperback
Year Of Publication: 2018
Edition Number:
Weight:  1.19 kg

Khaleel Ur Rahman Chishti is an Islamic Researcher, Lecturer, Poet and Dawah worker.

A Horticulturist by profession, he got his Masters in Plant Sciences from the University of California at Davis, USA in 1974.

He worked in Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain as a horticulturist and Chief Projects Manager of several prestigious high value projects. He started his Islamic Dawah activities in North America with ISNA and ICNA in 1975. Since 1994 he has devoted himself to Islamic da'wah in Pakistan. 

Khaleel Ur Rahman Chishti’s dawah lectures and courses are unique with the basic purpose to convey the pure, authentic, unbiased, non-sectarian and unadulterated teachings of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh and other Islamic disciplines to the educated class through modern methods, tools and techniques of teaching. He lectures on various Islamic topics including the principles of Islamic jurisprudence, Hadith and other aspects of religion are arranged along with the teaching of Quranic language and Quranic sciences.Through various courses, he provides ideological guidance and practical training to the modern educated people, so that they may rise above sectarian thinking and preach true Islam, making it the purpose of their lives and put an end to the linguistic, racial, provincial and other prejudices through Islamic fraternal teachings and endeavors to establish the atmosphere of Islamic unity and tolerance.

Khaleel Ur Rahman Chishti delivers regular lectures at several renowned institutions including:

  • International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)
  • Womens Institute of Humanities & Sciences (WISH)
  • Islamic International Medical College
  • Islamic International Engeering College
  • Shifa International Hospital & Medical College
  • Al Touheed Academy G-10/4, Islamabad
  • Tahreek e Mehnat, G.T Road, Wah Cantt
  • Dukteran e Islam Academy, Muree


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