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Interactive Qaida : Level 1 (29 Letter Flash Cards)

Sana Dossul

The Fruit Tree - Karachi
Recommended Age Group: 4 years or above
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Teach and learn the first step to reciting the Quran through flashcards. Interactive Qaida : Level 1, conceptualised and designed by the renowned Montessori teacher Sana Dossul, is a set of 29 flash cards designed to teach young children the pronunciation and recognition of the Arabic alphabet in an interactive and engaging way.

This playlist of 17 Youtube videos made by Sana Dossul will tremendously add to the teaching and learning experience, In-shaa-Allah.

Introduction by Sana Dossul
(Teacher, Trainer and Pre-Primary Curriculum Developer at Al-Furqaan School Network)

Assalamu Alaikum! I am excited to introduce Level 1 of Interactive Qaida. Teaching the Qaida through flashcards is how I have taught my students to read the Quran. I began teaching children in 2003. Through years of teaching, using Montessori techniques, I devised ways to teach the Arabic Alphabet through phonics, using rhymes and stories to explain different concepts.

My daughter, Asna encouraged me to make videos of how I teach, and in 2011, I began to upload my videos on YouTube. Since then I have been asked how to make flashcards, and where they would they be available. Now, after a couple of years of hard work, I have finally published and printed level 1 of the Qaida, the Huroof-e-Tahajji or the individual letters of the Arabic alphabet.

Colourful and sturdy, these cards can be used over and over again. An extra bonus is an introduction to the letters’ half shape forms at the back of each card. This will aid the student moving easily on to the next level, which is under the process of being designed and printed.

For teaching techniques and methods of use, please visit my YouTube playlist Interactive Qaida, to see how these letters can be taught in an interactive and interesting way.


  • Learning becomes fun and easy through flash cards that can either be used individually or in a group.
  • Enables the student to focus on one letter at a time.
  • Aids in the teacher's ability to highlight specific concepts according to the student's pace, progress and ability.


  • 29 single letter flash cards of the Arabic alphabet (Huroof-e-Mufradah)
  • Half shape letters of the Arabic alphabet on the back of each card. Please, note that some letters do not have half shapes, whereas others may have more than one.

Methods Of Use

Step 1

  • Phonetically introduce the single letter flash cards, two to three letters at a time, in sequence of the alphabet.
  • Once the student knows three or four letters, shuffle and lay out the cards in front of you. Ask students to find letters according to their articulation or characteristics. Continue to add more letters till all the letters have been taught.
  • Watch my YouTube video I am Looking For My Arabic Letters , that demonstrates interactive teaching techniques.

    Step 2

    • Once the student can identify the whole letter forms of the alphabet, introduce the half shapes of the letters that are on the back of the cards.
    • Flipping the cards over to the whole letter forms helps the student to recognize and become familiar with the differences instantly. This step should be introduced to the student before moving on to the next level , i.e. Muraqqabaat or compound letters.


    Title: Interactive Qaida : Level 1 (29 Letter Flash Cards)
    Publisher: The Fruit Tree - Karachi
    Language: Arabic - English
    Recommended Age Group:
    4 years and above
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