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The Dunya And Its Reality

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim

Authentic Statements Publications - USA
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The Dunya And Its Reality by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim (r) is taken from his larger magnificent work titled, Uddat As-Sabirin Wa Dhakhirat Ash-Shakirin.

In this book, Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim (r) expounds upon parables extracted from the Quran, Sunnah and statements of the Salaf to shed light on the reality of the Dunya.


"The similitude of this world is like that of a vessel filled with honey. The flies see this vessel and fly toward it. Some of them sit on the edge of the vessel and take from the honey until they satisfy their needs, and then they fly away. Some of them are led by their greed to plunge themselves into the abyss of the honey. Their submersion into the honey prevents them from enjoying it, except for a brief enjoyment, until they perish in the middle of it." — Ibn Al-Qayyim

"The similitude of this world is like that of a large pond filled with water. It was made as a drinking place for humans and animals. The water decreased a great deal until nothing remained of it except some mud at the bottom, and the animals had urinated. Yet the people and animals were plunging into it." — Ibn Al-Qayyim

"This world is like seeds scattered on the surface of the ground. All the seeds fall into a snare, and around those seeds are seeds that did not fall into snares. The birds fly in to take the seeds.

Some birds and content with the seeds on the outside and do not put themselves in the middle of the seeds. They take their needs and move on.

Some birds are pushed by their greed to dive into the middle of the seeds. It doesn't finish collecting the seeds except while screaming from being caught in the snare placed for it" — Ibn Al-Qayyim

"A group of people trekked across the desert until they were stricken with thirst, thus they went to the sea. Sea water is most bitter and salty; but due to their severe thirst, they did not taste its bitterness or salt so they drank it. The salt water didn't quench their thirst; and the more they drank the more their thirst increased until they damaged their bowels and died of dehydration.

The intelligent people knew that this water was bitter and salty, and the more he drinks the more he will become thirsty. Thus, they abandoned it and travelled until they found a land with sweet vegetation. They dug into the core of the land and fresh sweet water sprung out for them. They drank the water and used it for soaking and cooking. They called their brothers who were at the edge of the sea, saying, 'Come now the fresh water!' Some of the people at the salt water mocked them, while others ignored them because they were pleased with what they had. A few people here and there responded to their call." — Ibn Al-Qayyim

"This world is similar to a sea that all the creation must cross in order to reach the shore that contains their homes and residences. It is not possible to cross it safely without a ship. Thus, Allah SWT sent His messengers to teach their nations how to use their ships and how to board them to safety. This is by obeying Allah SWT and His messengers, worshipping Allah alone, working sincerity for Him, and striving for the Afterlife

Those who desire the Hereafter and strive for it will board and ride the ship. They will turn away from plunging into the sea because they know you cannot cross the sea by diving into it and swimming.

As for the foolish, they will deem the work on the ship as difficult, so they will say, 'We will rush the sea and when we get weak we will swim across it,' Most of the people of the world are like this. They dive into it, and when they get weak they swim until they drown.

The people who boarded the ship were saved just as it saved those who boarded the ship with Nuh (AS), while the inhabitants of the earth drowned. Ponder this example and the condition of the people of this world and it will be clear to you how the similitude agrees with reality." — Ibn Al-Qayyim

Title: The Dunya And Its Reality
Author: Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim
Translator: Rasheed Barbee
Rasheed Barbee
Authentic Statements Publications - USA
Pages: 53
Volumes: 1
Size:  15.1 cm x 22.7 cm
Binding: Paperback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:
Weight:  0.11 kg


The author, Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah (d. 751H), was one of the most prolific scholars of Islam. His inimitable and distinct understanding of Qur'an and and Hadith was acknowledged by his peers, while his commentaries and interpretations remain unique in accuracy. He studied under Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah for sixteen years and accompanied him up and till his death; learning a great deal of knowledge from him. He authored over sixty works, covering a multitude of Islamic sciences; many of his writings are characterised by their touching address to the heart and soul. He was deeply pious and took great care in how he utilised his time. 



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