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The Crowning Venture : Inspiration From Women Who Have Memorized The Quran

Saadia Mian

Daybreak Press - USA
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If you've ever sighed wistfully upon hearing of someone memorizing the Quran, wishing it was something you could do, too, then prepare to replace that wistfulness with determination!

Filled with inspirational stories for your heart and memorization techniques for your mind, The Crowning Venture: Inspiration From Women Who Have Memorized The Quran reminds us that memorizing the Quran is not an achievement to be conquered, it's a journey to savor. A journey YOU can make !

Memorizing the Quran can be a reality for you, your children and all believers. The Crowning Venture holds magnificent insight from real women who have walked the path. Their stories will light the way.. Their challenges, feelings, compromises and accomplishments are all embedded in this beautiful work. Reading these stories will ignite a desire in the hearts of people all over the world to begin their own journey with the Quran.


Book Review by Jessica - Goodreads Reader

"Have you ever considered memorizing the Quran, even if you only entertained the thought for a fraction of a second way in the back of your mind? If so, The Crowning Venture by Saadia Mian is a must-read. Rather than try to convince anyone that they need to undertake a Quran memorization journey, this book shows how other women have done it and how empowering it can be. This book combines relatable stories with tips, and discredits negative ideas about women memorizing the Quran.

Mian begins with her own story of how she became a hafiza. Like many of the other women in her book, it is not something that she ever thought she would do. She also shares the stories of twelve women from different walks of life: how they made the decision to pursue memorization and how they went about the work of actually memorizing. The tips, pointers, and advice in this section were as varied as the women themselves. The methods include things like recording yourself, keeping track of your progress, and annotating the mushaf.

As someone who has been there herself and spoken with many women about their journeys, Mian has a keen understanding of the ideas and thought processes that keep women from memorizing the Quran. She tears down the idea that women needn’t memorize the Quran because they won’t lead taraweeh or that they shouldn’t memorize it because they’ll fall behind in review while on their periods. In addition to these external negative thoughts, she also tackles the internal negative thoughts that women who consider memorizing the Quran contend with. For example, she talks about how women frequently seek out perfection and are more likely than men to avoid trying something if they doubt their ability to achieve perfection. She also talks about how many women have difficulty owning their successes, and instead feel sheepish or embarrassed about an accomplishment that they should feel proud of. Another issue she tackles is the fear that many women have that if they memorize the Quran, they will be perceived as more religious than they are.

Also included are some stories of women who didn’t memorize the Quran, a chapter that includes thirty-two etiquettes of proper recitation of the Quran, and a chapter called “Roadmap.” The roadmap includes all of the ingredients that you need to memorize the Quran, including things like patience and taqwa, as well as pro advice like “tie up knowledge with writing” and “choose one mushaf style.”

My favorite takeaway from this book is that memorizing the Quran is not an all-or-nothing endeavor. It’s about building and maintaining a relationship with the word of Allah.

Book Review by Afshan - Goodreads Reader

"Beautifully inspirational! Real stories by real women who have memorized the Quran. The narratives in the story highlighted how Muslim women can venture onto a path that is usually catered towards men or very pious/religious people who we assume don't have other responsibilities. Relatable, engaging, and insightful. May God elevate these women and the author to amazing heights in both worlds and make all their endeavors successful."

Book Review by Hina Sami - Reviewer Of Islamic Books

"What I love about the stories shared in this book is that they are each unique and each one gives us hope to start this epic journey of memorisation no matter where we are in life or what season we are in. Simply the most inspiring and real book I have read in a long time. Highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about deciding to begin this journey and is scared to jump over. Also recommend it to anyone who thinks that this task is now impossible for her. You need to absorb this book. Much love and Duas for the eloquent Dr. Saadia."


Title: The Crowning Venture : Inspiration From Women Who Have Memorized The Quran
Author: Saadia Mian
Publisher: Daybreak Press - USA
Pages: 137
Volumes: 1
Size:  14.0 cm x 21.6 cm
Binding: Paperback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:


The Crowning Venture is a book written by Ḥāfiẓa Dr. Saadia Mian, who memorized the Quran in her 20's.

"Although my journey with the Quran started when I was 6 years old, it wasn't until much later that I embarked on a deeper journey. At the age of 23 I traveled to Damascus, Syria where I would end up getting my Ijaza in tajwid and go on to eventually memorize the Quran. For me, this was not something that was in my life plan. All I knew was that I was in search of a closer relationship to my Creator, and this is where that search led me. 


For many years I didn't talk about it much. I didn't like people knowing that I had memorized the Quran. It was something so personal, and something that has so many preconceived notions attached to it. But in the back of my mind, I did imagine that someday I might share my experience. 

  After writing my own story, I realized that many people would not be able to relate to it, as it was too different from their lives. That prompted me to find other women who had also memorized the Quran. Although their journeys were each unique, I found similar sentiments echoed throughout their interviews. They had never really shared their journeys before for various reasons, but were happy to have a chance to share them now."




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