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Before Birth , Beyond Life : A Muslim Mother's Ode

Zenubia Arsalan

Little Mutaqeen - UAE
Recommended Age Group: 6 - 9 years
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Before there was you
Long before you made your debut
Someone knew everything about you
Someone who loves you even more than me
Ar-Rahmaan, Ar-Raheem, Rabb-ul-'Alameen

From early on, children are eager to understand this world and their place in it. Before Birth, Beyond Life  are the words of a reassuring mother. In simple rhyming verses, she teaches her child about what happened before we were born and what happens after our time in dunya is over. Through this book, young readers learn about Allah’s special plan for humanity and how much love, thought and detail went into their creation. It encourages young readers to have a broader view of life on earth and inspires them to keep the end in mind. It tackles heavy concepts and explains them in a child-appropriate manner. This heart-rendering book pulls at strings of our emotions - the unbreakable bond between mother and child, as well as Allah’s immeasurable love for the child.

  • A must-have book for every Muslim child
  • The most endearing gift of beneficial knowledge
  • Charming Illustrations. Reads Beautifully

Written by Zenubia Arsalan, published in UAE by Little Mutaqeen with the approval of National Media Council

Bonus: There is a QRcode at the end of the book. Scan the QRcode with your smartphone and enter your email to receive the guidelines on how to talk to children about beliefs and concepts mentioned in the story.

Book Review by Na’ima B. Robert (Author of the book Ramadan Moon, and Editor at Sister’s Magazine)

"A beautiful narrative with gorgeous illustrations and a touching message for children everywhere. A wonderful addition to the world of Muslim children’s literature."

Book Review by Hina Nauman (Goodreads Reader)

"Beautiful book which will embed in your kids heart the love of Allah! The catchy lines will keep your little ones engaged (and heck you too! All the way till the end!!!) The author has neatly handled our full life cycle. This is one of such rare books that gives you goosebumps. Awaiting more books from the same author."

Book Review by Manal Irshaid (Goodreads Reader)

"The book is amazing very well thought of. It's the only children's book that presents this idea. (The cycle of life ) with all the love this book has my daughter enjoyed it when i read it for her in a happy rhyming tone.."

Book Review by Hira Tahir (Goodreads Reader)

"Enjoyed every bit of this beautifully written book with my little one- from the unique theme and illustrations to the choice and flow of words and how it emphasizes on the love of Allah for His creation. Very very endearing!"

Book Review by Saira (Goodreads Reader)

"A heartwarming book to inspire children to be grateful for this life and to see it as a way to attain jannah. Beautiful illustrations to engage children. Barak Allah fi!! Will be waiting for the next one."

Book Review by Javeria Qureshi (Goodreads Reader)

"An ode to motherhood and the joy it brings.. Sketching out the beautiful bond between mother and child, emphasizing the different stages of life and after life.. A topic usually never touched upon in children's books. Honestly, after becoming a mother you go through so many feelings.. Yet not able to relate them appropriately to you child.. This book gave words to these indescribable feelings... Which I always wanted to tell my children, yet could never find words appropriate enough.. To talk about after life in this subtle way... Very beautifully written in this book."

Book Review by Muslim Mommy Blog

"This book is a sweet mother’s ode to her baby girl. It has beautiful rhythm and soothing pictures. The mother tells her baby how she was happy at her pregnancy and excited to see her grow, and how she hopes to be with her in Jannah in the afterlife. She speaks of a mother’s love, and how Allah’s love is even stronger! The story mentions life and death, but in a sweet way that is not scary for children.⠀

The story talks about how all the souls were made a long time ago during the time of Prophet Adam (AS) and that each soul is put into their mother’s womb in the fourth month of pregnancy .......⠀
The book brings up two themes that are very important to talk to children about. One is the theme of life/death and the end goal of our life being Jannah. Another important theme is predestination (Qadaa and Qadr), which is very interesting to talk about with children and is sure to pique their interest. ⠀

While the wording was too complicated for my kids, it did start a conversation that is super important! Children should know about Allah’s Power and Might, because it helps them make Du'aa when they encounter problems in life. I also told the kids that Du'aa is the only way to change their Qadr. I made sure to tell them that even a change in Qadr is the will of Allah and known by Allah! The hadith just highlights the need for us to pray to Allah to help and protect us.⠀

May Allah protect our children and order the Angels to write them down as happy and righteous

Title: Before Birth , Beyond Life : A Muslim Mother's Ode
Author: Zenubia Arsalan
Illustrator: Heshan Gunasekara
 Little Mutaqeen - UAE
Recommended Age Group: 6 - 9 years
Pages: 24
Volumes: 1
Size:  21.8 cm x 28.9 cm
Binding: Hardback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:

Zenubia Arsalan is the author of children’s books. Her first book Before Birth, Beyond Life was published in 2019. She writes about faith, values, science and spirituality and finds her inspiration in science, scripture, and nature. She grew up reading and writing stories and rhymes when she really should have been doing homework. She started her career as an Editorial Assistant in 2005 and is an avid reader.  She is from Pakistan and currently lives with her husband and children Sugarplum, Honeybunch, and Yumpkin in Dubai, UAE.



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