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Loved Reading It

Loved reading it. I’m a slow reader and take a lot of time to read coz I want to feel every word written. Same is with this book. Started it slow paced but loved each and every word. Ordering more booksinshaAllah soon.


I bought this for my niece and she really liked it. Looking forward to more books for kids. Will be ordering soon.

Wonderful Information and Wonderful Way!

Though the books is for kids, but equally informative for Adults!

Keep stocking books like this so that Customers can get benefit!!

Say Subhan Allah

Another great board book! Good for teaching children gratitude associated with different aspects of each season!.

Musa and friends do Ramadan

This little book is adorable! The print quality is great and the size is just right for 0-2 year olds. I'm sad I missed the other titles.

Great gift for curious kids..

Highly recommended as it make a kid aware of Love of Allah.!

Say SubhanAllah! : Learning The Four Seasons - Board Book

My first book of Islamic months

Loved the book! My kid is enjoying it as well alhumdolillah. The flaps make it so interactive and perfect for boosting curiousity in kids. Will insha ALLah do a video review of it as well.

Best Purchase ever.

Loved the purchase.In love with this Quran. It is so perfect MashaAllah.Pages are smooth and outer covering is in Matte and so beautiful.
JazakAllah ! Blessed to have this.

Perfect Alternative to regular comic books

It's a fun and entertaining comic book for kids 7years above, adhering to Islamic rules with regards to pictures. I am glad that such books are available for the younger generation. My kid finished it the day it arrived.

Rainbow Quran

Subhanallah!!!I used to see these beautiful Quran images on pintrest and alway felt like having them.
I felt blessed when Tadabbur books posted about these.Alhumdolillah received and gifted my teacher also.Beautiful & so colourful.


Aoa.I wonder why I didnt order this book before This us exactly what I had hoped for my kids.The book explains the background of the Surah in a very precise yet clear manner which is easy to understand for children. JZK for such a brilliant concept

Perfect book to fill the love of Allah swt

We did this book for an online storytime and everyone loved listening to the story and watching the beautiful pictures in the book. I definitely recommend this book. We also did an activity by drawing things in a heart for which we're grateful to Allah swt.

Excellent customer service and quality

This book is so attractive for an infant to read. The high contrast makes it very vibrant. The quality is briliant! Amazing concept too

Excellent customer service and quality

The quality of the book is amazing and on top of that customer service is brilliant

Yasmine's Belly Button

I Love My Mother and My Father (English & Arabic Bilingual Book)

My daughter absolutely loved the book!. The whole concept has been prese in a beautiful manner. Excellent!

Macrostructure of soorahs oh holy Quran

Alhamdulillah. Loved the services. Just paper quality to be improved abit.

Secret recipe box

Great book. Nice to know about other country's culture.

Ramadan moon

Very nice book. My daughter loved it!

Excellent learning tool.

Beyond my expectations. Perfect for learning with fun . Material is really good.

I love reading this book to my daughter, she really likes the bright colors and it is a great way to teach her