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Ramadan Around The World
Rida T (Islamabad, PK)
Finally! Islamic Books in Pakistan

Super happy to see Tadabbur books stocking the best books for our little ones from around the world. This step helps in cultivating a rightful and positive Muslim mindset and I can’t wait to order more, in shaa Allah. The book came perfectly packed and safe and they only keep originals! Another good thing.

An excellent book of Fiqh for Student of Knowledge. The Author's answer to the Fiqh Question are very concise to the point. It inform about the opinions of all the major School of Thoughts of Islam. Reading this book is a very knowledgeable and enlightening experience. May Allah reward the Author in the hereafter with good in abundance.

Yan's Hajj: The Journey Of A Lifetime
Hira Rabel (Qasimabad, PK)
A must read for kids

This is such a beautiful book, written in an excellent way, the story is engaging and teaches so many lessons in a way that a child can understand and relate to. It is a must read.

excellent translation.

This is an excellent translation for every Muslim to understand the Quran.

The Most Powerful Night: A Ramadan Story
Summaiya Mirza (Karachi, PK)
An amazing book

This is a great book to introduce the children to the concept of seeking Laylatul Qadr. I would have preferred if it was gender neutral since i have boys, but never the less, the way the words have been crafted, the beauty and miraculous nature of the night explained is laudable. My kids loved it and we followed up the book reading with our personal dhikrs and duas.

Highly recommend!

After a long time I enjoyed purchasing something online. First of all talking about the service; I was kept informed through text about where my product has reached even the day it was about to deliver I received a text that my order is about to come on to my door step. Now coming to the product, the quality is awesome MASHALLAH and the most important thing that the product doesn't end at the cards but the links of detailed videos about how to teach using these cards by the creator Sana Dossul is a complete package that comes along with the pack. Highly recommend these cards to make Quran learn exciting, colourful and fun :)

Ma sha Allah i read aome part of this book, i liked it is mostly for begginers of arabic readwrs . And basically based on islamic ikhlaq and character building good habbits. Stories . Tabarak Allah. I love quality of book . Its worth reading and love to share these stories translate for my children so they build there habbits of arabic understanding too. . Tabarak Allah

This Ramadan journal is higly recommended. Absolutely in love with it. It has a little bit of information about each juz for each day of ramadaan. Like 30 juz central ideas for 30 days of more. Very good for introducing ramadaan and quran lessons to kids.

very beautiful Masha Allah

Lessons From Surah Yusuf
Mehnaz Baluch (Islamabad, PK)

Amazing book well written on spot tafseer and analysis not too much beating around the bush,can't wait to get my hands on the sura kahaf one

Angels In Your Presence
Mehnaz Baluch (Islamabad, PK)

A very well written books ,makes you become aware of the presence of angels and thriving to do the deeds which ensures their presence and their duas

Lessons From Surah Yusuf
Alina Ishaque (Karachi, PK)
One word: AMAZING

Tafsir of every verse written in a very beautiful and simple way, easy to understand. Once you start reading, you can't put the book down.
The lessons in this book serve as a great reminder. A must have.

The Forbidden Prophecies (For Free Distribution)
Muhammad Abu Bakar (Quetta, PK)
Appreciative work

I appreciate the author and the management for this sadqa e jariya

The Blessed Bananas: A Muslim Fable
Mariyam Kamran (Mississauga, CA)

So I honestly got this book because it was on a good discount price: d but it has been such a good purchase! Alhumdolillah! It became a fav on the first read! Some pointers:

*First off, the content, the story- telling are amazing. The lessons steeped in Islamic teachings are effortlessly woven into the story.

*Some of the lessons are shown in the pictures. I love that there's mention of ideas such as over- counting belongings, "deserving" good things, entitlement and ingratitude. These are ideas steeped into the teachings of the Quran that western literature fails to address them. And so I love this book for this purpose, tazkiya of young hearts!

*Cherry on top: The book is a delight to look at! The colors are so bright! They give off such a rainforest feel which goes with the storyline.

*Age Recommendation: 3+ if it's read to children, and I suppose 5-7 year olds for independent reading.

The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed
Mariyam Kamran (Welland, CA)


*This book is a nice way to introduce Young minds to the world around them.

*The illustrations are beautiful! Very richly done. Masha Allah.

*The paper quality is amazing! It's a book you love holding and running your hand across the gold embossed letters on the title page. #bibliophilealert

* It's written in Rhyme. And takes its essence from the verses of the Quran that call on man to reflect on the creation of the Universe. The book has a disclaimer in the end that it's not meant as a science book. You'll love it if you take it as such: an invitation to think:)

*I'm a little on the fence about which age group to recommend this for. It's not for toddlers. I think I got a little over-enthusiastic there. Lol. But that's not to say that slightly older kids won't enjoy it. They should. Insha ALLah.

Reassessment of What Constitutes Intelligence

Just finished reading 'With the Heart in Mind' by ⁦‪@mikaeelahmeds‬⁩ today.

‎Absolutely loved it, never before have I seen someone analyze and examine the life of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the way Shaykh Mikael Ahmed has done in this book.
‎This book is a must-read for all Muslims who wish and desire to emulate and follow the Sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ. Change is not easy and requires a deep understanding of the things that prevent us from making positive changes that we would like to see in our lives and this book aims to do just that. Shaykh Mikael brilliantly lays out two key frameworks, namely the emotional intelligence and moral intelligence frameworks of the Prophet ﷺ that helped him ﷺ spread the message of Islam.

Here are two of my own reflections after reading the book:

1. This book is about how through the use of social, moral and emotional intelligence one can bring about a societal change, impact the lives of others and influence positive, moral and righteous deeds. So, a thought was troubling me, how can an evil person rally support from people when he's calling others toward evil? One answer I can think of is by pandering to and gratifying people's baser instincts, their lower self and evil desires just like how shaytan is capable of achieving this through exploiting people's desires and nafs.

2. When people (I'm concerned with Muslims here) say we are becoming increasingly sensitive, soft and are easily offended, they fail to understand that in order for you to joke with someone you need to work within the paradigm of our beloved Prophet's emotional, moral and social intelligence ﷺ. He had such a connection with those around him, that they felt comfortable in his presence even when the Prophet was joking with them. The joking never got to the point of bullying. The connection he had with others was built on empathy, sincere concern for the welfare of others and emotional investment.

Bismillah Soup
Farah Afzal (Karachi, PK)

My kids like this story a lot

Who Will Help Me Make Iftar ?
Farah Afzal (Karachi, PK)

Very nice story with a good flow

Don’t miss this book. - I warn you for this.

This is one of the most beautiful topic which make’s you connect with you creator by knowing him.
If you want to have firm knowledge about Allah- Than have this book. Don’t miss it. If you will miss it - you will miss a lot of blessing.

The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed
Haniya Yahya Khan (Lahore, PK)

The Cosmos That Allah Has Designed is a great help for parents who have to answer the never ending questions of their children. This book has explained seasons, planets, day and night in a summarized way and that too with rhyming words which make it more fun to read. The beautiful pictures keep the interest from starting to the end.

Prophet Muhammad SAWS and The Crying Camel: Activity Book

The book is engaging. My child loved it. Alhumduillah. I'll be getting more books from this series soon, In sha Allah. Purchase process is fast and hassle free.

Towards Understanding Of Tadmuriyyah
Mansoor Umar Khan (Bhimber, PK)
If you didn’t like the book- I will buy from you or pay you back.

This statement is not a exaggeration, I am writing this review with complete and utmost responsibility- if you don’t like the book , I will pay you and buy the book. Contact me on my e-mail if disliked the book :

In case If you don’t buy this book , than all I can say that Cry on your own luck rather than the seller.

A must have!

One of the best books in town to teach your children about Islamic months. It's for kids though, adults can benefit from it equally!

Product and service

Smooth delivery, amazing quality mushaf and reasonable price. Loving it.
The translation and tajweed guide is really helpful.

More than expected

If you have not read this book- you have missed a lot.