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Secrets Within The Order Of The Quran - English Translation Of Asrar Tartib al-Quran

Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti

Dar Al-Arqam - UK
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Secrets Within The Order Of The Qur'an  is an English translation of Imam Al-Suyuti's classical work Asrar Tartib al-Quran. This unique book displays the genius of al-Suyūṭī in exegesis (tafsīr) of the Qurʾān. Through his deep reflection and knowledge of the Qurʾān and its related sciences, he provides insights into why its Surahs (chapters) are coherently ordered and so unveils intricacies to the reader which could only have been unearthed by one possessing such mastery and genius.

The author states at many junctures within the book that he is displaying his reflections to the reader, so one is given the opportunity through this intimate writing style to ponder over the Qurʾān from the perspective of a true tafsīr master.

Qatādah (d. 118) said, “By Allah, they would find in the Qurʾan that which would impede sinfulness, if only they contemplated upon it and comprehended it.” [Tafsīr al-Ṭabarī]


Title: Secrets Within The Order Of The Quran - English Translation Of Asrar Tartib al-Quran
Author: Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti
Translator: Adnan Karim
Ayman Ibn Khalid
Dar Al-Arqam - UK
Pages: 333
Volumes: 1
Size:  15.1 cm x 21.6 cm - A5 Size
Binding: Hardback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:
Weight:  0.48 kg


Al-Shawkānī (d. 1250) said,

“Al-Suyūṭī was a major imām, and a prolific author. He was given authorisation (ijāzah) by the major scholars of his time from different countries and towns. He excelled in the various sciences and surpassed his peers; he gained distinction and his acclaim spread far and wide. From his beneficial works are his two Jāmiʿ collections of ḥadīth, al-Durr al-Manthūr and al-Itqān fī ʿUlūm al-Qurʾān.”
[Summarised from his biography in al-Badr al-Ṭāliʿ (1/328-335)]



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