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Prayers Of The Pious

Omar Suleiman

Kube Publishing - UK
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The great scholar Muhammad Mukhtar Ash-Shinqitee made a very profound comment. He said that people  (nowadays) have reached a point in their ignorance of Allah SWT that they don't even call out to Him anymore; they don't know how to have a personal conversation with Allah.

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal (r) was once asked, what is the distance between us and the throne of Allah? A pious prayer from a pure heart, was his reply, that’s how we connect to Allah.

Prayers of the Pious, authored by Imam Omar Suleiman provides us with thirty short prayers taken from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) and the early generations, each with a short reminder to deepen the impact of the prayer in our lives. This inspirational collection of prayers and reminders is the perfect companion for anyone who wishes to connect to the Divine

This book brings together the supplications of our pious predecessors such as Abu Bakr RA, Abdullah ibn Mas'ud RA, and Abd al-Rahman ibn ʿAwf RA. Through reading the personal prayers of the Companions of the Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) and understanding their context, this book will remind you how to speak with Allah in the same way they did. How to call upon the Creator the same way they called upon Him.

Prayers of the Pious provides spiritual gems that serve as valuable wisdom and practical advice for the soul. By reading this short work with an attentive heart, the reader can cultivate love for Allah and His Messenger (Sallallahu Alayhe Wassalam) and live life with gratitude and contentment.

The du'as are presented in Arabic, transliteration and translation. The work concludes with a du'a journal as a practical aid for readers to formulate their own du'a and start a conversation with Allah, following in the footsteps of the pious predecessors. 

Book Review by Dr. Yasir Qadhi (Dean - Al-Maghrib Institute)

"In this concise work, Sh. Omar Suleiman has collected many precious gems from the du`as of the righteous. The reader cannot help but get swept away in the spiritual earnestness that these beseechers felt. Animated by these timeless invocations, I pray that all of us can not only use these classical prayers ourselves, but be inspired to produce our own, from the depths of our hearts, so that our du`as, too, can be heard by the Almighty."

Book Review by Gilded Dunya

"The series impacted me more than I can explain, it was transformational, because it made me think about the level of attachment I have with my conversation with Allah.

Dua's are very private, very special and very much needed – but for the first time I started to think about how much focus I had to put on my choice of words and not just my actual plea. The need was/will always be there, for Allah to grant me more and more, but the way I ask can change, depending on how I ask Him"

Book Review by Jessica (Goodreads Reader)

"What a gem of a book! ..... This book was perfect for me. It has thirty duas from our pious predecessors for the thirty days of Ramadan. Some of the duas are familiar ones from the sunnah and others are truly unique. ......  It would make a beautiful gift. ........  I can see myself returning to this book every Ramadan to benefit from the beautiful duas and the heartfelt stories behind them. "

Book Review by Aisha (Goodreads Reader)

"Listening to the podcast series after which this book was named was immensely helpful but reading the book itself was out of this world.

Prayers of the Pious, as the name suggests, contains 30 dua from Pious people in Islamic history. Each dua is touching, thought provoking and deep yet they all manage to revolve around 3 mains themes; Sincerity, Fear of hypocrisy and desire for a good end/hereafter.

I have began to renew my relationship with dua after listening to the podcast series but being the human that I am, I slacked along the way but reading the lessons in a book has somehow solidified the importance so I advise everyone to get a copy of this book, read it and ponder over the duas and their lessons.

Also, make use of the Prayer Journal at the end of the book and begin your journey to reconnecting with Allah SWT through prayers . It’s a solid 5 stars for me! "


Title: Prayers Of The Pious
Author: Publisher: Kube Publishing - UK
Pages: 128
Volumes: 1
Language: English
12.2 cm x 19.0 cm
Binding: Hardback
Edition Number: 1st
Year Of Publication:
Weight: 0.25 kg

Imam Omar Suleiman is the Founder and President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and Professor of Islamic studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, USA.


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