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One of the ways that Shaytaan comes to us to destroy our deeds is by changing our intentions when we attempt to worship Allah alone; when we try to fulfill the very purpose of our creation! He does this by whispering false promises to us which cause us to change our intentions for worship and lead us to strive for the praise of other created beings instead of the praise and pleasure of the Creator! This is what is known in the Shari'ah as Riyaa' , which linguistically means ostentation, eyeservice, dissimulation, dissemblance.

Riyaa'  is of many types and forms. Riyaa' renders good deeds void and unacceptable, turning them into sins and making the person who has this Riyaa' liable for Hellfire.

The sin and danger of Riyaa' , therein is so great that it has been described as hidden shirk (polytheism) by the Prophet (Sallalahu 'Alayhe Wassalam) in the following Hadeeth:

"What I fear for you the most is the minor shirk, that is Ar-Riyaa'. Allah will say on the Day of Judgement when He is rewarding the people for their actions: Go to those for whom you did Riyaa' for in the world then see if you find the reward with them."
[Narrated from Mahmud bin Lubayd, radiallahu 'anhu with an authentic chain. Recorded in Musnad Ahmad (5/428, 429) and al-Baghawi in Sharh as-Sunnah (4135)]

Furthermore, some people, in their scrupulousness to avoid Riyaa', abstain from performing good deeds, especially in front of others. This is incorrect and an attitude that surrenders to Shaytaan. Abstaining from an action out of fear that someone might call one 'ostentatious' is no more than a form of ostentation. This is because this fear comes from a love of other people's praise and fear of their condemnation that one is seen to be either sincere or ostentatious. It is more serious that one abstain from doing good actions as this is one of Shaytaan's traps against the unaware worshipper.

Therefore, it is imperative for us to acquire a sound understanding of the concept of Riyaa'.

The book Riyaa : The Hidden Shirk, authored by Yasir Qadhi in 1995 and edited by Dr. Bilal Philips, is a study on the spiritual disease of Riyaa'.

The book is a very comprehensive, yet concise, treatise on the subject of Riyaa'. It is based on the works of early scholars, such as Ibn al-Jawzee and Ibn Rajab, as well as contemporary scholars, such as Saleem al-Hilaalee and 'Abdul 'Azeez 'Abdul Lateef.

This book has been highly recommended by the Al-Kauthar Institute instructor, Abu Abdissalam to his students for further study of the concept of Riyaa' explained in the Al-Kauthar course, Heart Therapy : The Purification Of The Soul

It is, without a doubt, a very important addition to the English Islamic library, which presently lacks any specialized works on the topic. Its importance cannot be over-stressed, because the character which Islam seeks to build would be incomplete without a clear understanding of this subject.

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October 11, 2020

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