'My First Wudu Book: Colour Changing Baby Bath Book' is now back in stock at Tadabbur Books!

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This is a colour changing bath book, which aims to truly captivate and educate young hearts on the order of washing basic body parts for wudu. Parents will also enjoy teaching children the names of body parts in this interactive and fun way to learn all about wudu through play.

Beautifully hand-drawn, large illustrations of basic body shapes involved in wudu attract young children’s attention and stimulate learning through play. Watch your child squeal with delight as body parts change colour when they wipe it with water.

Since water needs to be wiped on the entire picture for it to change colour, children will learn that entire body part needs to be covered with water for proper wudu.

Multi-sensory interaction that combines touch and visual senses also makes learning more effective as proven by research.

Learning about wudu in a fun way, you'll not only teach your little ones about salah, but you’ll also help them build a foundation of love for salah.

It is also a great interactive and visual way to introduce to young hearts the importance of cleanliness in Islam.

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April 12, 2020

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